Paperback The Trilogy of the Cross Part Three - Proof of Life: The Untold Story of Christ's Resurrection
Paperback The Trilogy of the Cross Part Three - Proof of Life: The Untold Story of Christ's Resurrection
Pastor Blaine MacNeil

Paperback The Trilogy of the Cross Part Three - Proof of Life: The Untold Story of Christ's Resurrection

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This novel overlaps with its prequel beginning Sunday with the women going to the tomb. There is an earthquake with flashes of light and Roman soldiers. The women fear the worst. They are told about the resurrection. The soldiers guarding the tomb go to the chief priests and there is a coverup. The chief priest Elamadad assures the soldiers that he will deal with Pilate and have them excused from wrong doing.

Jesus makes many appearances to his followers. These follow the biblical record and additionally there are encounters with others from the past. Jesus explains the prophecies that were fulfilled in his betrayal, trial, passion, death and resurrection to his apostles.

Thomas’ encounter is described in experiential detail. By touching the wounds of the Lord, he is mystically able to share with him in his suffering. As he places his hand inside Jesus’ wounded side he feels the warmth of his body, the rise and fall of his chest as he breathes, and his beating heart. Thomas feels like he is touching the heart of God. The apostles share part of this with him through a mystical communal experience.

In the second novel Joseph of Arimathea opened his home to the Lord’s mother, John and other followers after his burial. That would have been the night his household celebrated the Passover. In this novel after his resurrection Jesus visits Joseph’s home on the eve of the Sabbath and blesses them with his presence at their meal to honor them for the hospitality they provided. Jesus shares about the prophecies Joseph fulfilled by providing his tomb.

Jesus visits at the home of Lazarus in incognito. Mary greets him at the door. She washes his feet and realizes that this man’s feet are not at all dirty and they have an aroma to them. She makes the connection that this is the same aroma of the ointment she anointed Jesus’ feet once before. Then the Lord reveals himself to her. He visits with Lazarus’ family and explains that there is a parallel to their two deaths. The Lord delayed coming to deathly ill Lazarus and left them feeling abandoned. This is a parallel event to when Jesus felt abandoned by his Father and cried out, “Why have you forsaken me?” Jesus explains that God included them in his plan so that Jesus would know what the Father felt like when he turned a deaf ear to his Son on the cross.

The Lord visits with Peter and discusses the reason he had him bring the swords. Peter is feeling overwhelmed emotionally about being told to bring them and then stopped from fighting. Jesus explains that he knew Peter would fight to free him. He would have disobeyed instructions not to. The only thing that would work was to arm him, allow the fight and then stop it to get his point across. Peter heals from his emotional pain.

Jesus revisits the bleeding women who touched his garment. He gently touches her garment from behind until she notices and turns to see him. She invites him into her home. They reminisce about her healing physically and socially from her stigma. The story closes as Jesus journey’s with his apostles to the mountain where he ascends. Lastly, there are two men that appear and leave them with the promise of the second coming.


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