Murphy's Law: Living in the Real World
Pastor Blaine MacNeil

Murphy's Law: Living in the Real World

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My Life and Trials


I am Michael Francis Patrick Murphy, an Irish American who naturally inherited the 'Luck of the Irish'.  Born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I also had a wonderful family with loving parents.  My many bothers, sisters, and I all got along very well with each other.  My family made sure I received the finest of educations.  All of this got me off to a good start in life.

  In our family we seemed to inherit the 'Luck of the Irish'.  My problem though was this; the luck of the Irish as most people think of it, as good luck, skips every other generation.  What that works out to is this, one generation has it good, but the next one gets the bad luck and on and on.  So as soon as I moved out on my own, my bad luck set in.  Oddly enough is that because I grew up in such an ideal family, it made things worse.  By reason of my favorable upbringing, I was poorly prepared for what I had to face in the real world.  Out on my own, I quickly realized that nothing was going to go right for me.  It did not matter what I did or how I went about it, success never came my way.  Instead, failure overshadowed me with relentlessness.

  I put up with this for a very long time, as though I had a choice in the matter.  I had inherited the patience of my saintly mother, God bless her soul, and the persistence of my father, may he rest in peace.  However, you can only produce failure for so long before you have to pay the piper.  Then I lost my job, my friends and my sense of humor.  Because of my fine education, I made it my practice to keep a journal.  From this I discovered the thing that haunted me, keeping me at a constant loss in all areas of my life.  It was a Law of Nature that cut across every scientific field, transcended every other law of nature and singled out certain persons more than others.  These I named Murphy's Law. 


MFP Murphy