The Table of our Lord's Passion – Soft Cover $12.99
Pastor Blaine MacNeil

The Table of our Lord's Passion – Soft Cover $12.99

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This instruction manual is 50 pages in length and sized 8 ½ by 11. It includes a sample bulletin, a list of supplies you will need and detailed instructions on how to plan, rehearse and hold your Good Friday Passion Table worship service.


What happens in the service of The Table of Our Lord’s Passion?

  The Table of our Lord’s Passion is built upon the traditional Good Friday service and the stripping of the altar. In this service, as the altar is stripped, the drama of our Lord’s suffering and death is portrayed as the table of his passion is set. One example of this includes having Holy Communion bread and wine on the altar. However, Holy Communion is not served. During the service the bread is lifted up and broken, then it is placed on the passion table. The wine is also lifted up, but then it is poured out into a bowl on the passion table. Another example from this service is where the linens on the altar are removed. Then the worship helpers offer them over to Roman soldiers. The soldiers throw dice for them on the passion table in remembrance of how our Lord’s garments were taken from him.

 What is needed for this worship service?

There will be some items that you will need to purchase as well, depending on how you modify this service to meet your needs. Also, because it is more involved that, the simpler stripping of altar, you will need to rehearse it once or twice.

Who helps?

 There will be a need for helpers from your church’s members. If you have an altar guild and a drama team, they will all love helping. There are parts for ten more to participate, depending on how you modify the service to fit your needs.

 What do worshipers experience in this service?

 In this Good Friday service worshipers are taken on a spiritual pilgrimage. In the mystery of our faith we share spiritually in the remembrance of our Lord’s Passion. We are joined with our Lord and his disciples in his betrayal, his passion of suffering, his trials, and his death on the cross for us.



It is filled with more than the sound of our hymns and the reading of the scriptures. It is also a visual experience, of the altar being stripped, and of the Table of our Lord’s Passion being set. This is a time for the Living Word of God to work among us. From our traditions we need to remember how in his letter to the church in Galatia (3:1), Paul described how he preached the message of the Gospel to them. He said that he publicly portrayed Jesus Christ before them. Also, from the book of his Revelation (1:2), John wrote down the word of God that he “saw”. And the writer of Hebrews (4:12) also described for us that the Word of God is living and active among us.



In this service worshipers experience his passion and death then in remembrance and as if it is for the first time. We share his time of trail with deep emotions and breaking hearts. Just as our Lord endured to the end, we also find that as we endure with him, we are strengthened in our repentance from sin, in surrender to God, and in dying to self and picking our own cross in following him.



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