Butterfly Renaissance
Butterfly Renaissance
Pastor Blaine MacNeil

Butterfly Renaissance

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Butterfly Renaissance: A Recovery Self Help Novella 

 This is the story of a society of butterflies who have their functional and dysfunctional sides.  This particular 'species', as they refer to themselves, is plagued by dysfunction at so many levels in critical stages of development that they hardly resemble butterflies at all.  Instead, they are more like the caterpillars who began but never finished the transformation of becoming a butterfly.

  One member of this species resolves to overcome his inherited dysfunction and sets out to undo his past upbringing and make a new life for himself.  Along the way he finds that this desire and resolve alone are not enough to dismantle and then rebuild his life. It's only due to friends he meets along the way who show him a better way of life and help him that he is able to help himself. Then he is able to work out his desire for a normal and healthy lifestyle.

  Among the dysfunctional traits in his society is the assistance of the caterpillars out of their eggs and butterflies out of their cocoons.  The society believes they are saving each other the torture and pain of a difficult and unnecessary task.  This unfortunately leaves the butterflies with deformed wings that won't expand.  Because of this they end up looking stunted and stubby with wings that are useless for flight. This society has developed the idea that flying is not something their species does.  Besides this, the fabric of the cocoons are saved and rewoven into new clothes and used as building material for their houses and barns.

  Trials beset the best efforts of this butterfly to change.  In an attempt to fly he is publicly humiliated and seriously injured. At that point his family has no other choice but to ask for help from the flying butterflies who maybe can provide some help with recovery.  Taken to a hospital in the flying butterfly’s community, he works harder than he ever has before in his life and is able to recover with the skilled help of caring and healing therapists. He finds the help he could not give himself to rebuild the damage done to his body and learns to fly like butterflies were meant to.